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I will post Videos of some of our projects that we do on the boat here.  I have found that as I have wanted to do boat projects, I would go to the web for guidance.  While there is a ton of good information on the web, it is not typically in video step by step form.
I am hoping that these small videos, over time, are helpful to others who may be facing projects and looking for some guidance in video form.

Removing, Servicing and Reinstalling Barient 28 Winches December 2013
When we bought our boat, the primaries were pretty stiff and didn't spin easily.  I knew it was something that we would have to do at some point in the near future, however we committed to working on the inside before going outside.  However a recent sail revealed that they were really getting bad and in some cases could not even be turned by hand, but only with the winch handle.  We ran into some problems removing the winches from their bases due to corrosion between the Bronze winch and aluminum base.  This video shows the in-depth steps taken to remove them from the boat, service and re-install them.  We hope you find this useful and hope that you will subscribe to our S/V Last Affair Youtube channel where we post all of our videos both how to and general topics.

Here is a link to the Barient 28 Parts Diagram

Using Epoxy as a Barrier Coat for Waterproofing Wood December 2012
We are making some shelves for the engine room and wanted to ensure that they don't eventually rot completely through like the ones that are there today holding the pumps. To do this, we have built the shelf and then used West Epoxy as a barrier coat to essentially cover the wood in a resin skin and make them waterproof. These shelves are made from plywood so it is important that we ensure that the cut areas do not soak up that moisture like a sponge. Here is how we went about doing this. We did 3 coats of Epoxy on these shelves (but that may have been overkill)

Installing LED lights in the Owners Stateroom (for Lighting and Accent Lighting) Nov 2012
We decided to add lighting in the Owners Stateroom but wanted it to be bright enough to light the room when needed, and also something that can be used as accent lighting.  We found that you can purchase LED lighting on Amazon for about $40 for 15 feet.  This is the RGB waterproof multi colored lights, the controller, a remote control and a power adapter.  Here is a brief video on how we installed the LED's behind some decorative molding for a very professional look.

Using Git-Rot Penetrating Epoxy on part of a bulkhead  June 2012
As we were rebuilding the Navigation Station we noticed that there was dry rot in a portion of the Bulkhead.  When looking at options other than removing the entire bulkhead, we saw Penetrating Epoxy as a viable option, but couldn't find any video's on how to actually apply it and how well it worked.  This video shows how we did it, and our results.  It worked very well !!

Varnish - (Interior Boat Parts) Nov 2011
As we refinish all the wood in the Owners Stateroom, we decided to remove all doors, drawers and take them to the garage for refinishing.  In addition to the drawers/doors, I also have some floor panels and a bulkhead wall that I have made to match the old ones that were rotted.  This video is how we achieve a glass like finish on those parts.

Resurface Port Lenses - (Beckson Lexan Lenses) Sept 2011
As we are working on our refinishing the rear stateroom, we have removed the Beckson ports to replace the interior wall panels.  While they are out, we are cleaning them, and replacing gaskets where needed.  The lenses have become really crazed, faded, hazy, dirty, whatever adjective you want to describe them with, you couldn't really see out of them and make out anything other than cloudy shapes.  This video shows how to use ordinary items to restore them to almost new (ok not at nice as new ones, but 20 times better than they were).

Removing and Reinstalling Bungs - (Wooden plugs to conceal screws in cabinetry) August 2011
As we remodeled the owners stateroom, we had to remove all of the wooden trim to sand, stain and varnish.  In doing so, we removed about 150 bungs, created all new ones and installed them all upon re-assembly.  This shows how you can make your own and save quite a bit of money and have the satisfaction of completing it yourself.

Removing and Reinstalling Beckson Ports - (7" X 14" Opening Style) July 2011
As we remodeled the owners stateroom, part of that effort was to replace the wooden walls along the coach roof walls. In order to replace them the ports had to be removed. These ports had leaked at some point through the boats life (based on the rotted wood below them) and what we were replacing. This video was taken over a couple of weeks time because we had to remove the ports during the dis-assembly, and then after all the wood was back in and varnished, we put the ports back in. I hope you find this helpful in your own boat projects.

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