Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Call to action - Register for new Blog

For all of you that have subscribed to the email distribution of the Last Affair Blog Posts, please don't miss out on ensuring you get the updates from the new Website.  Just like with Last Affair, we are posting Videos, Photos, How to Projects, Life style and sailing adventure stories.

We can't move your email subscription so we are requesting you do it with the link below.

The First link is to sign up for the email updates on the new Blog (Don't worry you won't receive 2 emails, we won't be publishing regular blog posts for Last Affair so you won't receive those)

Click here to register your email with our new Blog

Please click here and it will redirect you to a Feedburner where you will add your email address and confirm by putting in the code on screen. It takes just a minute and your information is completely private and won't be shared with anyone other than for the use of the blog.

The link below will take you to the new Website.  It is continually growing and there are already over 25 blog posts.  We are publishing posts about once per week, sometimes twice.

Click here to visit the new Blog -

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