Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fishing pier delight

Headed to our second anchorage that had reported 12 depths hit bottom twice their as well in a bit of desperation heavy barge traffic at 9:45pm we tied up at the Calcasieu point landing a local fishing pier.  We need to set up a appointment for the Eleanor lift bridge with at least a 4 hour notice so we called in for a 6am opening.  We figured we would get woke up with the office at the fishing pier opened at 6 anyways.  The night watchman came by and talked with us said they would have to move in the am but for now he would let us get some sleep.  He also said the fisherman started coming in around 5 so to watch the boat for hooks etc from them.  We set the alarm for every couple hours to check lines with the tide.   

Shell Morgan

Gil woke up at 4:30 to tighten up the 12 volt negative bus which had come loose again, this time is was a  5 mins fix he was back in bed by 4:40.  Gil was up at 5:15 got ready and left the docks by 6am there is a lot of supply and crew boat traffic in the area.   I was having a hard time waking up note to self don’t take that medication again.  Approached the Leland Bowman locks at 6:25 we waited about an hour while waiting a small gator about 3  feet long was crossing in front of us then headed right up to the boat he got about 4 feet away after a few mins he swam away.  I think he I was waiting for us to feed him.   

We locked in with the Roger K tug he was kind enough to have us tie up in front of him so we could get out first.  The thrust coming off the back of the tug when they throttle up to leave the locks can cause us  to rock and bounce up against the walls of the locks.   The Leland locks help prevent intrusion of salt water into the farming areas of Mermentau basin we drop 1 foot today.  After going throught the locks I headed back to sleep for a much need hour sleep. 

A  9:15 got up fixed breakfast today we had scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes.  The ICW is long straight and narrow today it is losing the swamp marsh look as we are starting to see more farm land along the way.  Our intended stop today is Bell City drainage canal.  Intercostal was unbelievably shallow today must under 10 feet.  Arrived at our plotted anchorage, there has been apparently some shoaling going on we hit ground 2 trying to go in.  We then continued our travels to Grand lake pontoon bridge then traveled onto the and the Black bayou bridge and into the Calcasieu locks it is almost sunset so we will be looking for a good place to anchor for the night.