Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cane Garden Bay - Great Harbor Peter Island - Sailing the BVI's (9 of 10)

We woke up late this morning, assisted by the drinks at the BombaShack the night before.  I was looking forward to getting to see the beautiful CT/Formosa that we dropped off some folks to last night.  Sadly they boat had left the anchorage before we got up.  We relaxed and had our morning coffee and fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

This anchorage is really nice and I could see spending a few days for sure in Cane Garden Bay but for us, we knew we were going to head over to Peter Island for tonights stop.  It was not a far sail and we planned it this way so the day we had to return the boat (the next day) we would just be a short 45 minutes from Roadtown on Tortola.

Knowing that we had a short trip the next day, it allows us to hang out for a while where we were and take a little dip.  We decided that it would be good to see if we could hang Oday's hammock from under the boat between the hulls.  There were towing points there and it sure seemed like the hammock might hang just below the surface of the water.

Sure enough it did and it was a great place to relax.  We put some warm beers from storage into a mesh dive bag, tied it to the rail and dropped it in the water to cool them down to the water temperature before we transferred them into the cooler.  I love this picture of Deb chilling in the hammock with a sack of beers floating right next to her.

We had a great swim, and then took our short sail over to Great Harbor on Peter Island.

When we arrived, we really just relaxed, swam and hung out.  We grilled another gourmet meal on the boat and dinghied around the Marina and gave some of our left over beer to people we could tell were cruisers.
Sailing SouthEast just passing the western end of Tortola (toward Peter Island)

Anchored in Great Harbor on the North Side of Peter Island
We enjoyed the evening with friends and were wishing it was not all coming to an end tomorrow when we had to return the boat.
Another great meal prepared on the grill as the sun was setting

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