Saturday, June 29, 2013

Continuing to complete the little tasks...

It seems that the major tasks that needed to be done before moving onto the boat are done.  There are a lot of little ones and today was one of those days filled with little tasks.  Deb was taking care of some final prep on storage areas before putting pots, pans, food, and storage bins in all of the little hidey holes that will become our the equivalent to a house "pantry"
Here is some video of Deb doing the work on this task.  She actually does a LOT of the work on the boat and helps with most projects but sadly she is usually the one filming so you rarely see her 'doing' the work.

In addition to this today, we were also able to get a third coat of varnish on all of the new teak cabinets
in the Salon.  In the picture to the right, you can see that we still have all of the cushions out of the salon so we don't get any varnish on them.
Salon starting to come together
With those missing, it seems so disheveled.  Today, I was also doing some work under the companion way steps, so you see those leaned up against the mast in this photo.  The cabinet doors are all inside getting varnished as well and I am hoping by early next week they will all be installed.

Things Deb completed today.

  • Loaded pots and pans for the boat
  • Organized several air tight containers (Lock & Lock are the brand we really like) in the pantry behind the stove. 
  • Started to put some condiments into the refrigerator (Ketchup, mayo, salad dressings, etc)
  • Finished organizing all of the screws from our projects (which we had in about 40 small plastic cups)  She sorted and tossed any flat head screws, and kept all bronze and stainless screws.  We threw away all zinc ones due to the possibility of corroding on the boat in the salt air.  
Things I was able to complete today.
  • Installed House Battery (Big ass 8D battery) into the new battery box with tie downs in the engine room (With a stroke of genius, I was able to use the companion way stairs and a couple of dowels to roll the battery from the walkthrough up onto the new shelves in the engine room without having to lift the 75lb battery while contorting my body in the engine room)
  • Rerouted the large battery cables for the starting battery, house battery and both charging banks
  • Cleaned and services both batteries
  • Installed molding under rear stateroom door frame and around shower
  • Put engine room door back on as well as forward engine access panel that has been out for months
  • Another coat of varnish on the cabinet doors (insides this time)

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