Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Air Conditioner Circulation Pump

While we have been doing all this sanding and wood work on the boat, we made a conscious decision not to run the Marine Air unit so that we would not get a lot of dust into the system.  We removed the Thermostat from the wall and turned off the breaker.  Now that the wood working is complete and varnish and finish work is going on in this section, we decided to kick it back on and made working down there a little more tolerable in Texas in the Summer.  So as Boat work goes, connected the thermostat, turned on the breaker and no go, no water circulation.

After doing some checking it turns out the Rear A/C Circulation Pump was not starting up.  I think that I have a bad spot on the motor, since I was able to disassemble the unit, rotate the motor a bit and it would start right up.  I decided to replace it with a new one and we can get the other one rebuilt and keep it as a backup.  I replaced it with a March Pump and she is pumping water really good.  Likely went a bit overkill with 1000 gallons per hour but I figured by getting one this large, I could use this single pump to pump water through both air conditioner units in a pinch.

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