Saturday, August 27, 2011

Starting to replace some wood panels

It is still hot out (and in the boat) but I want to get something started with replacing some of the wood.  I figured I would start with 2 spots out of the way a bit and go for the angled flooring pieces that go between the sole and the bulkhead under the owners bunk.
I noticed that to get the panel out I had to remove the decorative Teak transition from the sole to the panel as well a the small bulkhead wall that forms the front base of the seat in the stateroom.  It was a bit rotted on the bottom so I will replace that as well as the flooring panel.
I scraped some of the rotten floor panel into a pile behind the sole. 

They are removed, I will rough make new ones and dry fit them and then clean, sanitize and paint the bilge behind the bulkhead wall before putting the floor panel back in. 
Look at the oxidized coins I found under the teak flooring trip !
It feels good to start something and in order to track what I am doing I found a pretty cool Yacht Maintenance software package that lets you track the parts, cost and projects/maintenance done to the vessel.  Check out Yacht Management by OSO Software.  It does a lot more than what I posted here but you can get a free trial from their webiste that gives you 44 days of full usage and the cost of it is only about $50 if you like your trial.
I have now loaded it on the boat and also use it for keeping inventory of my spare parts, as well as locations of all supplies, tools, equiptment, etc.  For anyone that has been franticly looking for that "thing" whatever that thing is, this lets you name every storage location on your boat and document each item you have and where it is located.  It already saved me some time the other day when looking for heat shrink that I keep in a small baggy.  I was able to just pull up heat shrink in my inventory and see that I have it in the starboard settee back aft compartment.  Wire wrapped and sealed in about 10 minutes instead of taking an extra 20 minutes to find what I was looking for.

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