Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still waters

Traveling along the ICW at mile 75 through Lake Cocodrie Zero wind, lots of sun so we got out he tarp to help shade the back of the cockpit and now have the little fan going as well amazing what a difference it made.   

Passing a few small fishing boats and 2 barge’s not much traffic today.  Did see one gator swimming along about 5 feet long.  We have tried to get photo by the time you can see if it is a gator or log they go under. Today we finally got one he/she is about 6 feet long.

Not as many bugs as I expected just a few horse fly’s, dragon flies a few wasp.  Gil has been keeping up with killing the wasp for me can’t take the chance getting stung since I am allergic.  Today is one of the hottest ones so far, a frozen wet wash cloths are very refreshing.  Should be getting to the Atchafalaya swamp home of many of the swamp shows on TV.

Lots of channels coming into the ICW now, starting to look more swamp like seeing more cedar trees entering Cypress swamp coming up on some more lock.

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