Saturday, July 2, 2011

Biloxi Mississppi

While sailing into Biloxi we came across small bait fish boat with their nets out in the channel.

As we got closer there was a couple of small hobie cats sailing.  They were zipping along pretty good.

We stayed at the Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi, had a fabulous shower before heading to dinner.  We helped another power boat into the slip next to us.  They had one engine that was not working, while helping them tie up the owner of the boat fell in after telling his wife to be careful not to fall in.  Gave the wife a tour of the boat, talked about the boat they stayed on for a week.  We decided to have a nice dinner in the casino.  The air felt really good we ate nice and slow good was excellent.   There was an older couple next the man was pretty funny they having a good time with the waiter.  We went into the casino for a little bit lost $20.00 called it a night and went back to the boat we were ready for bed.

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