Monday, July 4, 2011

Cedar trees and spanish moss

Our 5:30am wakeup call from same security guard letting us know we were still to close.  We explained to him last night approval from the supervisor he laughed and said he was not right he would have to tell him so.  We told him we would get ready and head out in the next 30 mins.  He was a nice guy he felt bad waking us up both times.   Started the engine heard a squealing noise, alternator belt was loose tighten that up gave the Perkins a quart of oil and we were off by 6:15am it was a hot muggy windless day.  Headed down the Crown Point and Lafitte named after Jean Lafitte of pirate fame.  We saw quite a few homes , an air boat ride company with 6 boats ready to go.  We entered the Barataria waterway came across a couple of gators swimming along. The waterway is lined with cedar tress draped spanish moss hanging down almost to the top of the large elephant ear plants growing into the water.  We have seen many waterfowl living in this area.  
Hydrangeas are so thick in some areas you have to zig zag around them, had a couple get stuck on the prop did a quick reverse to get them off.  Engine was starting to run a little hot.  We traveled into Larose where we crossed Lafourche “pronounced  LAH-FOOSH”  we passed several large ship yards and was surprised at the size of the ships in the yards.  Our plan is to stay in Houma tonight, do some laundry and update our route to see when we will make it home.

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