Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anchors Away

It was a restless night Gil was up a few times checking the anchor line I kept waking up to sound of what I thought was something (gators) hitting the bottom of the boat.  Most turned out to be wakes off the barges passing by.  I guess I have watched Lake Palcid on to many times.  The sailboat and barge have already left and we are doing the same.  At mile 129 we passed Cypremote a cable ferry at mile 134 we crossed under a 73 foot fixed bridge this marks the half way point between New Orleans and Texas.  At mile 137 we passed the Weeks island salt mine this is one of the largest salt mines in Louisiana.  At mile 146 we passed the cut off for Avery Island home of Tabasco hot sauce we opted not to go visit the factory we had storm clouds coming up behind us; although they do have boat parking for the water traveler.  We planned on stopping at Intercostal city they have fuel for the small watercraft; it has been 3 days since we refueled so it is a much needed stop.  We docked at Shell Morgan refueled with a light sprinkle starting.  We headed to one of the transient slips they offer it cost $20.00 with electric.  The rain was really starting to come down and the winds were not on our side as we tried to dock.  One of the workers from the gas station came over in a gold cart so we could toss lines to him; everyone here has been very nice.  We had a good heavy rain for about 30 mins which felt pretty good to me.  After the rain slowed down we headed out to Maxie Pierce a small grocery store within walking distance to get a few provisions.  It is noted in the water way guide they have the best po boy sandwiches around.  Gil had a Shrimp one, I opted for cooking spaghetti on the boat.  It was a early day we were docked and settled in by 4:30 both of us were really tired.  We looked at the videos and photos of the trip first chance we have had to really look at all of them.  We watch Sahara again, one of the only 2 movies we have with us.  My Veritgo was really acting up so I took the medication and was out like a light.

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