Thursday, June 30, 2011

Relaxing progress - Pictures and Videos

Just a quick post to put up a few pictures. Pretty cool to be able to be cruising along and post via the air card.

We are just passing through Orange Beach Alabama as I post this, The pictures and videos are from between Pensacola to Orange Beach Alabama

This  is just a water line short video, I always like this type of video shot.

This was a little 360 Degree view of where we are.

Island in West Florida

Relaxing on the Bow while Deb takes the Helm

Wouldn't that be a petty place to live?

From the Bow back at Deb commanding the ship :)

I didn't edit this but may later to zoom in, Deb caught this dolphin just rolling and playing in the water.  He is coming right toward the camera for the picture.  Pretty cool stuff.

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