Friday, February 18, 2011

The boat is in the water !

Bottom job complete, new prop installed (13X11 3 blade), new bronze seacocks, and the mast stepped and tuned.  All good stuff.  I went to the boat to start it and no water through the cooling system.
Darn !
But after a quick inspection, I found that the raw water strainer was cracked while the boat was on the hard and the temperature was freezing.  West Marine could get a new sight glass in a week when special ordered, but here is where being here in Kemah helped us.  I walked over to Texas Boaters Resale Shop and they had a whole new strainer with sight glass for $10.  30 minutes later it was installed in the boat and water pumping through the exhaust.  Yeah !!

We are planning on moving it from the Shipyard to our slip sometime this weekend and we can see how that 3 blade prop does compared to the old tired 2 blade slow poke prop we had before.

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