Sunday, January 30, 2011

Having the boat pulled from the Lake

Today was the last day that the Dog House is planning on being on Lake Lewisville.  We sailed the boat over Wednesday night to the Marina with the lift and scheduled our crane time for first thing the next morning.  The transporter was there about 45 minutes early and started to loosen all the rigging in preperation for the boat to be pulled and taken to his shop.
We hired Cummings Marine Transport (who moved the boat from Texoma to Lewisville).  He is de-masting the boat, transporting it to the ship yard in Kemah, cleaning the bottom of the boat, doing a bottom job to prepare the boat for salt water and buffing the sides from the toe rail to the water line.

It is always a bit nerving seeing your boat hanging from web straps and being driven 4 feet above the ground a block to the parking lot from the lake.

Here is a shot of the boat being lifted.

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